EyeOn’s business proposition consists of different services. We are an all-round service provider in the field of planning and forecasting.

Consultancy & Projects, the Netherlands and Belgium

EyeOn’s business consultants work in five distinct industries:

  • High Tech
  • FMCG
  • Life Science
  • Process
  • Marine & Offshore

The consultancy projects we do for these industries vary in duration from one to 12 months. The duration of Marine & Offshore projects is often longer, for instance, 2 to 3 years.

In addition to consultancy assignments, our business consultants also fill interim positions, among which demand planner, supply planner and planning manager. During these interim periods our goal is to highly improve the performance of processes for the department we’re working with.

Consultancy & Projects Europe, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany

EyeOn is growing internationally and is gaining a foothold in other European countries bordering Belgium and the Netherlands.
Are you are interested in growing EyeOn’s business in Switzerland, Ireland or Germany? If so, please contact us now.

Data Science & Solutions (DS²)

One of our most innovative teams within this industry, EyeOn Data Science & Solutions’ (DS²) team.

Our team:

  • performs data analysis and assessments based on analytical tools such as R, Python, Matlab and Tableau.
  • implements cloud-based planning solutions for international customers, among which: ASML, Philips, Unilever, Heineken and Johnson & Johnson.
  • helps companies make better forecasting and planning decisions based on quantitative analysis and analytical models.

Creative minds with a passion for analytics, forecasting- and planning algorithms. Those fascinated by big data.
DS² is a highly innovative team that believes in the future of IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. We develop new and innovative solutions for our customers based on the latest technologies and insights.

Forecast Services

 Forecast Services generates the best possible forecast for our customers.

You need specialized knowledge to generate the best possible forecast and to determine optimal inventory parameter settings. The volume and variety of data (point of sales, social media) continues to grow rapidly making it harder to capture, manage and analyse. This is what Forecast Services does best.

Forecast Services attracts and retains top statisticians because of its ideal career opportunities in this field. As a third-party service provider, we continuously invest in modern technology and skills for leading-edge performance.