Core Values

At EyeOn, these are our core values:

Thought Leader:

We constantly research and investigate new methods, techniques and models to improve our forecasting & planning capabilities. Our drive and eagerness to improve ourselves and our techniques makes EyeOn ‘Best in Class’. You are free during our LAB sessions to investigate whatever you think is or might be relevant to our business. Right now, our focus is on IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning.


 We value employee autonomy. Your presence at the office is not an indicator for success at EyeOn. You are responsible for planning and managing your deadlines. Twice a month we meet as a team to discuss interesting topics and share knowledge.


 We are a no-nonsense company that makes change happen. We analyse what needs to be done. Then we create and implement new processes and working methods. No big reports with advice on how to do it. We make significant changes together with our customers, and whether this is a whole new ball game or just a simple adjustment, our work isn’t finished until these changes are implemented.


 The reason why we are so good at what we do is because working at EyeOn is enormous good fun. We all have a passion for planning & forecasting. We love to continuously improve ourselves in our field of work.

Drive to Deliver:

 Our drive to deliver solutions that work for customers is embraced by everyone who works here. We use the newest techniques and methods and make them work well in a business environment.